Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem...

And it's been a roller coaster! We have had a couple of strong storms hit us in the last couple of days causing lots of fallen trees and power outages. Monday I lost power seven or eight times. It wasn't out long enough to cause any discomfort, just enough to reset our electronic clocks. I had no idea how many of those we have in our home! After resetting them the third time, I left them blinking until I went to bed.

To compound my frustration, I lost my Internet connection. We live in a rural area where DSL isn't available and Dial-up is extremely painful. So we access the Internet via satellite. What a problem this has been! I was finally able to get it working on our desktop but my laptop still can't connect to our router. Of course all of my files are on my laptop and it can be a hassle transferring the files to a flash drive and try to retrieve them via the desktop which uses VISTA for its operating system. I definitely do not like VISTA and have been boycotting it since its debut.

Now you know why I have been absent and hopefully I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow. I really do have some things to share. I promise...


Anonymous said...


I am glad you are alright despite the storms. We have had some storms too, but not as serious as yours.

Thanks for your kind words on my quilts... they were fun to make, especially Marabella! :)

Connie said...

We had the same winds and electrical frustrations. Somehow my computer stayed on most of the time. We really like these 'things,' don't we! I think it is actually a love-hate relationship.

Glad you are okay and surviving.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Glad you are back even a little - hope it all works out soon. We didn't get any of that wind/rain that you had - just a stiff breeze and some rain - and mostly sunny skies when it was raining down your way.

Nicki Lee said...

HI Dena,
First I want to thank you for stopping by my Blog and entering my Give Away - thank you & Good Luck!

Second, I totally understand your frustration with the internet situation. I have been dealing with so to speak "faulty wiring" from the street to the house and still no luck in getting it fixed. I'm at the mercy of my internet service on a now and then basis! Yikes!

Happy Mothers Day!