Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Challenge Blocks - December and January

I've gotten behind on my Challenge blocks and have been trying to catch-up. During our sew-in a couple of weeks ago, I managed to complete two of them.

My friend Judy selected Country Farm for December's challenge block. What should have been a relatively simple block to assemble turned out to be very frustrating and I had to redo it. The above picture is my second attempt. As you can tell, all of the intersecting seams match and I have an accurate 1/4" seam for assembling the blocks together.

This is my first attempt. What a mess! The center four-patch didn't lay flat and was very puffy, some of the intersecting seams didn't quite match, and I was missing the 1/4" seam allowance for assembling to other blocks.

Initially, I had planned to assemble this block during January's sew-in and cut the pieces out a day or two prior to our scheduled sew-in. However, my MIL was hospitalized and I wasn't able to attend our sew-in causing the block to sit for a couple of months. My guess is in my rush to prepare everything for our sew-in, I accidentally cut some of the block pieces inaccurately because it went together quite quickly the second time around. Once I completed the redo of this block, I really like it and will probably use it again.

My friend Billie selected Quatrefoils for January's challenge block. This block went together very quilter since I had made it a couple of months ago for one of my friends in our Birthday Block Swap. While assembling this block, I really struggled on my fabric choices. I swapped the colors from the initial pattern, using light for dark and vice versa. When I was playing around with my layout choices I happened to change my color choices and almost switched the dark blue corner squares with the lighter lavender print. It would change the appearance of the block completely, but I really liked it. I'm probably going to do another one of this block with that layout to see how it would look assembled.

Two down and three more to go! What are you working on?


Piecefulafternoon said...

Ohhh those blocks turned out very nice. I think you should make one with the colors switched - I liked the way it looked at the sew-in.

I have been working on the I Spy quilts today - got three rows of sashing done and the three rows stitched together. I like it much better this time around, with the sashing.

Anonymous said...

Those blocks are pretty, Dena! Love the colors.

Purple Pam said...

Your blocks are great. Thanks for the show and tell "eye candy". Lots of great quilts there. How are you doing on your challenge?

Micki said...

The blocks turned out so well!

Judy said...

Sorry Dena, didn't mean to frustrate you. I turned out goregous! I can't believe we are almost finished with these. I know how I'm setting mine and can't wait to put it together.

Roberta said...

Pretty fabrics!!!!! I love the combo.