Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I participate in a couple of online quilting groups whose members have ties to Washington State. For the most part, the members reside in Washington State allowing us to periodically participate in sew-ins or other activities together. This Saturday I will be attending a sew-in with some of these ladies which requires me to prepare so I'll have everything I need to work on a project for the day.
This leads me to today's topic. UFOs. Most people who partake in sewing or quilting are very familar with this term. I myself have several. In fact, I've spent all day pulling my UFOs out of their hiding places and organizing them to identify what stage they're in and what needs to be done for them to be completed. This forced me to rummage through my stash of fabrics to try to match it with one of my UFOs. Although I love fondling fabric, this can be a tedious process. Especially when most of the pieces of fabric are rarely sufficient to use in a quilt since I purchased it without a particular project in mind and probably only bought a couple of yards.
So, I continued to evaluate my UFOs in an effort to find something I could actually work on for a day without having to purchase more fabric. As I looked I discovered I have three sets of Stack-N-Whack blocks, a log cabin wallhanging, several heart pieced blocks, and several four-patch blocks for a baby quilt I could work on. I chose to work on one of the sets of Stack-N-Whack blocks.
This set consists of eighteen 12.5-inch blocks sewn out of metallic oriental prints. These were practice blocks I made over ten years ago and they've been hanging up in my closet ever since, waiting for me to use them in a quilt.
The one thing I don't have in my sewing room is a design wall so I'm unable to take a picture of all the blocks to post. But here's a picture showing one of the blocks with the coordinating fabrics that I chose from my stash.

Since the blocks are in oriental prints in shades of gold, dark blue, black, reds, greens, and coral, I had an easy time locating coordinating prints in my stash. I found a print in neutral tones that I'm going to use in the sashing and a black with metallic gold and a red with metallic gold accents for the corner blocks. Using two colors for the corner blocks will give me a four-patch with a double sashing which I hope will showcase the Stack-N_Whack blocks nicely. Although it's not pictured, I also have a beautiful dark blue fabric with metallic butterflies that I will use for the backing and possibly a border, if there's enough. I'll post pictures of the finished quilt when it's completed.

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