Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Adventure

Rather than spend my morning in my sewing room working on my getting my musical angels quilt ready for quilting, I spent it at our local Department of Licensing office. Ugh! I don’t know why I put off going in until the last minute. I suppose it has to do with the fact it is one of my least favorite places to go; second only to going to the dentist’s office.

I’m sure most of the DOL offices are similar to ours. There’s never enough employees to service the people and if you aren’t there as soon as the door opens, your wait could be a couple of hours. And while you wait, if you’re lucky enough to have a chair to sit in, you’re squeezed in like sardines, literally shoulder to shoulder, hoping and praying your number comes up quickly. Of course they have a couple different series of numbers going at the same time and when they call a number you have to run up to the window quickly or else they’ll go to the next number and you'll have to pull another number. (I’ve seen it happen.)

Well, I was delayed in leaving the house and by the time I arrived the office had been open for about 25 minutes. I’m not sure why, but at every DOL office I’ve seen, they have very limited parking and our office doesn’t allow parking on the neighboring streets. I had to circle the parking lot before I could find a parking space. When I walked up the steps and reached to open the door, a little old lady walked up too and as I held the door open for her, I noticed there were at least 50 people waiting. Needless to say, the little old lady got to the number machine first and as I pushed the button for renewing my license I was praying I would get a low number. The little old lady was given number 14 while I was given number 15. They were on number 3. I should have ignored the little old lady and marched on in, and then I would have been the one holding number 14. Hey, it would have saved me about 20 minutes!

After standing for about ten minutes, a seat opened up and I sat down between the little old lady to my right and a young man on my left. I had brought a book with me, anticipating I would have a lengthy wait ahead of me, but every time I started to read my story someone would interrupt me. I travel for business all the time and can be reviewing project data and contracts while waiting for my flight and someone will invariably start talking to me. Well, I digress… The little old lady to my right began telling me how her husband had gone to the courthouse and while he was going through security one of the security officers stole his expensive pen and she didn't trust our local government officials. I couldn’t quite understand what the young man on my left was trying to say because he spoke with a very heavy Mexican accent. This went on for almost two hours and once my number was called it took me five minutes to pay for my license renewal and take my picture.

I think next year I’m going to renew my license on-line and avoid getting to know my neighbors.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I feel your pain. I need to change my address. Wonder if I can do that online? hmmm

blushing rose said...

I, too, just had mine renewed last week ... nearly 2 hr wait, told 45 minutes. FINALLY, I am called up ... only to be told it was G48, not B48 ... I told her that the computer was incorrect & I was 'growing roots' & going nowhere. She was a real peach ...

We became very friendly chatty with our 'neighbors' ... I, like you, will not be going in person again to renew.

TTFN ~Marydon

Piecefulafternoon said...

There are a couple office in Bellingham - the one we went too was not too crowded and we got there over an hour after they opened - but fortunately we were getting the enhance licenses (you can use them instead of a passport for going to Canada and back) and you get an appointment for that. It did take them forever to get the licenses done because they made a mistake and had to do the whole thing over - they had to finish the one with the mistake - including a photo and printout - and then destroy it and start over - talk about a huge waste of time. We don't always have the option of renewing online - so that is why we had to go in - Don went in at the same time and got his enhanced license too - figured we'd do both at once and save time - HA - that's a big joke - they had to redo his the same way. If the clerk makes a mistake they should be able to just destroy it - not finish the whole process and then have to destroy it and start over again. Ok - I'll get off my soap box.

Nobody talked to us - I'm glad - cuz I wanted to read my book too. LOL

Rita said...

Last year was the first year I had to wait very long and it was due to a computer crash. But as I sat there, I witnessed an ill exchange between the ladies handling the situation. One of the ladies is well known for her really rude ways but I hear she is retiring this year. There really is no point in anyone being so crabby especially when they have to work with the public!
She seems to treat everyone as beneath her and several do complain about her but I guess the state prefers someone of that nature there rather than someone that can greet folks with a mutual respect?
Anyway, glad you have this behind you and maybe you can concentrate on that beautiful quilt!

Roberta said...
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Roberta said...

The little old lady was probably lonely. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her only outing for that month. I have to renew my license this year also. I want to get the enhanced license. I live close to Canada so this would be more convenient than keeping my passport in my glove box! I will go armed with my Ipod loaded with an audiobook. I will listen contentedly to the book while I people watch. You certainly see some "characters" at the DMV.