Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black/Fuchsia/Turquoise/Purple To-Die-For Pumps

Have you ever had something happen to you that is so funny, that even you couldn’t stop laughing? Yeah, me too. I thought I’d share my funny story with you today.

I had a suit that I loved to wear to work. It was an electric purple a-line skirt with a form fitting blazer in the same color in medium weight rayon. I always wore my fuchsia silk blouse with it and this day was no exception. I also had these black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to-die-for pumps with 5-inch spike heels and with black stockings, I looked good! Hah!

On this particular day I was dressed to the hilt, thinking I looked great. Never mind that I was driving an Aerostar van. I was driving home from work, turned into our driveway which was at a pretty steep incline. I went to step out of the van when all of a sudden my face was meeting the concrete of our driveway and my hands were the only thing preventing me from becoming intimate with the concrete. As hard as I tried, I could not get upright from this position. So I’m frantically searching to find out why I can’t get out of this position and learned the heel of my black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to-die-for pumps was stuck in the door seam. With my butt up in the air and my hands still holding me from collapsing on the concrete, I’m feverishly shaking my leg to try to get me heel out of the door seam. And in the background I can hear someone hysterically laughing, but I couldn’t tell who because my movement was limited. You’d think this person would have offered to help me, but they were having too much fun watching me squirm in an attempt to get out of this predicament.

It becomes obvious to me that I’m on my own and as I continue to shake and pull my leg I can’t get my foot out of my black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to-die-for pump! My shaking and pulling did do one thing; it caused the door to swing closed on me and bumping me in the head. Even that didn’t dislodge my foot. And the laughter continued!

After what seemed like 15 minutes or more but was probably more like 5 minutes, I was able to get my foot out of my black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to-die-for pump. With a little tugging and twisting I did get my black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to-die-for pump out of the door seam and as I limp with pump in hand to my front door my oldest son comes running out to greet me, asking how my day was. All I could do was grunt as I could feel the holes appearing in my brand new black stockings with each step.

I did finally learn where the laughing came from when my neighbor from across the street was visiting one day. She hesitantly told me a tale of her husband, Denis, working in their back yard one afternoon when I pulled into our driveway. He told her he had gone to put some brush in his pile when he happened to see my butt sticking up in the air. Upon further investigation he said he could see me struggling to get my heel from being stuck. When she asked him why he hadn’t offered to help me his response was he was laughing so hard he couldn’t stop long enough to walk across the street to help me.

Yeah, I loved wearing my electric purple suit, fuchsia silk blouse, and black/fuchsia/turquoise/purple to‑die-for pumps. But I haven’t worn the pumps since because I can’t get the image of me bent over with my butt up in the air as I tried to get my heel out of the door seam out of my mind.


Piecefulafternoon said...

I'm sorry to laugh - but that is a FUNNY story. Glad you didn't get hurt more than the whack on the head.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh my, that's hilarious....come on wear them again...surely it can't happen twice, right?

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Dena, this is hilarious and I can just picture it. I'm so glad the van was in park...
Keep Stitchen'

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh my gosh how funny! And how embarassing......I'm so thankful now that my current work situation does not require me to wear business clothes...