Friday, April 23, 2010

I've Been Busy...

My week has been busy trying finish up my signature blocks while preparing for a sew-in on Saturday. Initially I thought I'd finish the signature blocks on Tuesday but that didn't happen.

On Tuesday I discovered it isn't a good idea to plug in two irons at the same time and on the same circut. Even if one of the irons is a small one. So I blew a breaker and couldn't find which one needed to be reset. After flipping all of the breakers off and on for about an hour I finally gave up. I had lost all of the power in my sewing studio. It wasn't until an hour or so later that I remembered we have a second electrical box. It's hidden in a different area of the house and was installed during some construction on our house. My sewing studio is wired into this electrical box and I was able to find the flipped switch as soon as I opened the box. Well, now I have power but it's late in the afternoon and I no longer felt like sewing.

The last couple of blocks went together rather quickly...

Except for one hiccup. Because I was making a couple of variations of the block, I had multiple prints per piece and I guess I wasn't paying attention and was stitching two different prints for the heart section of the block.

Here are my three versions of the block. I'm not sure what my favorite one is, but I'm a little partial to the upper left corner one with the soft pink as the background. I really fell in love with the pink/red/floral print and had to go back to the quilt shop and purchase an additional 5 yards of it. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but I have it for when I do.

Here are all my completed and signed blocks. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done. Our swap out is on Saturday during our sew-in so I should have a picture to show you next week.

With my signature blocks completed, I had to run to the quilt shop to pick out two green fat quarters for our drawing on Saturday....

As you can see, I have no self-control. I found the two green fat quarters, as well as five more fat quarters and four yards of a couple of other prints. Love them brights.

I've already been cutting and assembling... (these two prints are from my resources)

Into vibrant Jake's Heart blocks.

As my contribution in a comfort quilt for a friend who is having surgery. Oooh, I really love those brights!

So what's on your work table?


luv2quilt2 said...

I just love your siggie hearts. Such a cute pattern.

Ann Champion said...

I love both of your newest projects! The little heart siggie blocks are cute and you've used such nice fabrics..and the woven heart blocks are cute set the way you have a fun flower. So cheerful!
PS..Who's the song by that plays on your blog? I really like it.

Myra said...

Hey Dena! Great siggy blocks, and love your Jake's Heart blocks!! Great fabrics! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Dena -- your heart blocks melt my heart! They are soooo cute.

Your new project is so sunshiny -- lovely cheerful and bright fabrics.

Sharon said...

Wow, your siggie blocks are so cute! I've not seen that pattern before.
And the woven hearts are pretty darn cool too!
Love your fabrics....very inspiring!

Rita said...

Wow, I admire anyone that takes the time to do these blocks. They are beautiful. I continue to be a "wanna-be" quilter and admire all of you "real" quilters!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Ohh I love the signature hearts - I can't wait to see what everyone else has made when we get to the sew-in. I have three sets here from other swappers - well, one from me - two from others to bring along.

I love your color choices for the green FQs - hope I win - those would go well with my 70s Dresden Plate blocks.

See you in a little while.

Susan said...

Oh those brights! Hearts all around...I love it!

Tangos Treasures said...

Oh I love all the blocks & your new fabric! Sweet!

Micki said...

I love your siggy blocks...just lovely!

Seams Sew Together said...

I love your heart blocks they look gorgeous!!

Karen L R said...

Love the woven hearts. Very Scandanavian. :-)
Thanks for popping over last week.

I'm working on a few art quilts, hope to post a pic later this week.

Have a good week, Dena!

Cathie in UT said...

NO self control, huh? LOL
You should see me when I visit my favorite online shop! LOL
Just ordered $30 today for a swap...well half of it for the swap. LOL
That is half yard increments and a great sale price.